ICM Pre-Flop Simulations

Our custom made online viewer and charts will take your learning experience to the next level. We have built ICM Pre-Flop GTO strategies that will provide you with a valuable edge against the competition.

  • Access to 11 MonkerSolver 6-Max Solutions
  • Access MonkerSolver and PioSolver Charts
  • No Solver Required


You will get access to our custom Viewer to study 11 unique ICM Pre-Flop Simulations and Charts.


No, we have created a Custom Viewer on the website where you can view your solutions without having any solvers or other third-party software.

Our charts will cover RFI, vs RFI and vs 3-bet strategies. There are also 12 “toy game” (limited and fixed simulations that don’t reflect an equilibrium) charts that were solved with PioSolver.

We used MonkerSolver for 6-max solutions and PioSolver for “vs 3-bet toy game” charts.

We have tested multiple sizes with the intention of keeping the game tree simple and practical. We used 12.5% antes for solutions. We have aggregated multiple payout structures and developed payouts that will be relevant to most MTTs. Our solutions provide material for multiple stack sizes and positions. With each solution you will find a complete game tree.

If you have a question that was not answered here please contact us via discord or email [email protected]