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BBZ community enjoys explosive start to SCOOP

BBZ community enjoys explosive start to SCOOP

Opening night in the theatre world is – to use the British soccer expression – squeaky bum time.

If we learned anything from The Producers, it’s that the critics usually come to watch a play or musical on the first night it opens. Do well? The show could run for years. Do bad? It could flop before it even had a chance.

The opening night of a big tournament poker series feels very similar and yet drastically different.

Run well early and you’ll not only have a bankroll boost, but you’ll also have a boost in confidence for the rest of the series. Run bad early and it can lead you down the slippery slope of self-doubt as the series goes on, not to mention eat up a chunk of your roll.

The good news? As long you’re playing within your bankroll, then the opening night is just the start.

If you didn’t have a great opening weekend in the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars, don’t fret. The vast majority of poker players didn’t either. But you know what? This thing runs all month and there’s plenty of time to turn things around.

You got this.

And speaking of getting it, a few members of the BBZ community enjoyed an incredible start to the SCOOP series. Here’s what happened over the first few days of SCOOP.

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Matt, better known as “NeverWinPots” in the BBZ Discord, has been on an incredible run of form this month. We have no idea why.

Oh, wait. Yes, we do.

NeverWinPots is a very hard worker and signed up for the BBZ Daily Seminars at the beginning of April. Since then, his results have been insane and his bankroll has ballooned.

You can take a look at some of his big scores here in this article. We interviewed him a couple of weeks ago about his fantastic month. But it’s his latest result we want to shout about.

NeverWinPots finished third in a massive $55 SCOOP Sunday Kickoff for $18,300, narrowly missing out on his first big trophy.

He’s understandably heartbroken, but bad beats happen and we know this isn’t the last you’ll hear from NeverWinPots this SCOOP.

“I studied very sparingly prior to BBZ,” he told us. “I decided it was finally time to take up study as I started to build a proper bankroll and the pricing model [for the Daily Seminars] of $60 a month seemed far too reasonable to turn down. And I think with my results in the first month of playing and studying with BBZ it has more than paid for itself.”

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The BBZ coaches have been putting in some SCOOP work too.

In a two-day $5,300 buy-in Titans SCOOP Side Event, both Alex “Pwndidi” Theologis and Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet reached the final table from a stacked 116-entry field containing just about all of the world’s best online tournament players.

Apestyles fell in fourth for $59,128 – not a bad way to open a massive series. He’s been on fire of late and shows no signs of slowing down.

But Pwndidi went two spots further and finished second for $100,536 after a heads-up chop with “boerni21”.

Check out our interview with Pwndidi here.

An awesome opener from Team BBZ, then. We’ll bring you more SCOOP updates throughout the series, which runs until May 31.

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