All the purchased products can be accessed on the dashboard here.

In the BBZ Dashboard, under the Daily Seminars section, you can connect your BBZ Account to your Discord account and gain access to the live seminars, network with our community, and ask our coaches your toughest questions.

Seminars are uploaded to the library everyday and available to be replayed same day.

Jordan Drummond – $450/hr
Jonathan Van Fleet – $650/90mins
Jargo Alaväli – $300/hr
Andy Wilson – $450/hr
Ivan Banic – $200/hr
Brian Fite – $150/hr
Eugene Kwak – $100/hr

Please make sure you are logged in with the email you made the purchase with.  If this is not the problem, please join our Discord and post in the Customer Support channel.

If you found a bug or something is not working as expected please contact us by emailing [email protected]

If you have a question that was not answered here please contact us via discord or email [email protected]

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