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BBZ Poker Community Awards – April 2023

BBZ Poker Community Awards – April 2023

The BBZ Poker Community Awards are designed to celebrate our students’ success stories and the best posts in our Discord.

We’ll be giving out three monthly awards: the Constant Crusher award, Like A Boss award, and the Best Mic Drop award.

Find out who won in April 2023 below.

Constant Crusher Award

The Constant Crusher Award is precisely what it sounds like: a big shout-out to the person who consistently puts up great results throughout the month.

April 2023’s winner?


Like many of us, NeverWinPots (or Matt, as he’s known to his friends) used to be stuck in a deposit > play > bust cycle. He had some nice scores, but was playing too high and not really studying.

That all changed in April 2023. The 25-year-old Brit signed up for the BBZ Daily Seminars and it’s been one heck of a ride.

The results started coming the very next day!

And from there, they didn’t stop. Here’s a look at just some of NeverWinPots’ April scores:

1st – $55 Early Battle – $1,106 plus $1,520 in bounties
3rd – Hot $33 – $645
3rd – $55 Daily Supersonic – $2,250
3rd – $109 Fenomeno – $3,584
2nd – Hot $109 – $798 plus $181 in bounties
1st – $82 Hyper – $995 plus $755 in bounties
1st – $55 Fast 7 – $2,062 plus $2,695 in bounties
2nd – Hotter $109 – $1,815 plus $1,168
3rd – $530 Bounty Builder – $4,046 plus $1,359 in bounties
2nd – $109 Super Tuesday – $2,616

“I studied very sparingly prior to BBZ,” says NeverWinPots. “In 2018/19 I had a subscription to a poker training site but the quality was nothing like BBZ and I eventually decided it wasn’t really benefitting me. I ended the subscription and continued to play without any study (with pretty mediocre results).

“I decided it was finally time to take up study as I started to build a proper bankroll and the pricing model of $60 a month seemed far too reasonable to turn down. And I think with my results in the first month of playing and studying with BBZ it has more than paid for itself.”

Find out how to build a bankroll the right way in our full interview with NeverWinPots.

Congratulations on an amazing month!

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Like A Boss Award

The Like A Boss Award goes to someone from the BBZ community who pulled off a particularly impressive feat across the month.

April 2023’s winner?


We love it when a student is confident enough and willing to share their graph like this.

It’s a true testament that hard work pays off.

Holtz says he started studying with BBZ Poker at around 2.5k games played, and it looks like he’s been on a tear ever since.

$733K in profit! Incredible.

Congrats Mike, and keep it up.

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Best Mic Drop Award

The Best Mic Drop Award goes to BBZ community member who dropped the sexiest result into the BBZ Brags Discord channel.

April 2023’s winner?


I mean, that’s just sexy, isn’t it? Do we need to say more?

Squirrel22 won their first World Series of Poker (WSOP) circuit ring, an amazing achievement.


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