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BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – November 2022

BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – November 2022

The BBZ Poker Community Awards are designed to celebrate our students’ success stories and the best posts in our Discord.

We’ll be giving out three monthly awards: the Constant Crusher award, Like A Boss award, and the Best Mic Drop award.

Find out who won in November 2022 below.

Constant Crusher Award

The Constant Crusher Award is precisely what it sounds like: a big shout-out to the person who consistently puts up great results throughout the month.

November’s winner?


What an absolutely insane month it has been for BBZ community member ‘DrDadPoker’.

It began with a trophy.

Followed by two big final table finishes the next day.

Two days later, he added another trophy to the collection.

Followed by another two days later!

And that’s not all. DrDadPoker dropped lots of other great results in the BBZ Brags Discord too.

Here’s a look at all of DrDadPoker’s best results from November:

Nov 5: 1st – $100 Daily C-Note – $2,625
Nov 6: 3rd – $100 Daily C-Note – $1,301
Nov 6: 4th – $215 Sunday Main – $2,331
Nov 8: 1st – $30 Mini Super Tuesday – $1,092
Nov 11: 1st – $2,800
Nov 14: 4th – $525 WSOP Circuit Series Event – $3,935
Nov 17: 2nd – $1,555
Nov 17: 4th – $215 WSOP Circuit Series Event – $1,452
Nov 17: 4th – $100 C-Note – $1,172
Nov 17: 6th – $100 Thursday Thrill – $795
Nov 19: 3rd – WSOP Circuit Series Event – $2,369
Nov 19: 6th – $525 WSOP Circuit Series Event – $2,554

We’re sure you’ll agree, that’s a fantastic month showing incredible consistency.

Well played, DrDadPoker!

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Like A Boss Award

The Like A Boss Award goes to someone from the BBZ community who pulled off a particularly impressive feat across the month.

November’s winner?


This student of ours managed to beat his biggest score three times in the same month!

From €3,957 to €10,683 to €13,242, the sky is now the limit.

“The seminars are a game changer, best value!” he told the Discord.

Keep it up, Guilehermeomcrocha!

Best Mic Drop Award

The Best Mic Drop Award goes to BBZ community member who dropped the sexiest result into the BBZ Brags Discord channel.

November’s winner?


The long-time BBZ Poker supporter managed to clinch a $12K World Poker Tour package from a $5 satellite! That’s a huge result and one well worthy of this award.

Congratulations to b33njammin80 and best of luck in the event!

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