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BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – October 2022

BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – October 2022

The BBZ Poker Community Awards are designed to celebrate our students’ success stories and the best posts in our Discord.

We’ll be giving out three monthly awards: the Constant Crusher award, Like A Boss award, and the Best Mic Drop award.

Find out who won in October 2022 below.

Constant Crusher Award

The Constant Crusher Award is precisely what it sounds like: a big shout-out to the person who consistently puts up great results throughout the month.

October’s winner?

Well, we can’t pick just one. It’s a tie between:

Schwibbs, Aleksis and Caldini.

What can we say about these three that we haven’t already? All of them have won this award in the past (some multiple times) but their consistency is so impressive it’s no surprise they’re back in the winners’ circle.

Just look at some of these results from October:


1st – $500 6-Max Sunday High Roller, PokerStarsPA – $9,934
1st – $100 Daily C-Note, Borgata – $2,500
1st – $100 Super Tuesday, PokerStarsPA – $3,403


1st – Bounty Builder $55, PokerStars – $5,550
1st – Bounty Hunters Special $84, GGPoker – $1,717
1st – Bounty Hunters Special $52.50, GGPoker – $3,416
1st – The Fast 8 $55, PokerStars – $1,699
2nd – $109 PKO, PokerKing – $2,885


7th – $31.50 Bounty King Jr, GGPoker – $2,352
5th – $55 Sunday Fifty Stack, GGPoker – $5,341
3rd – $55 Mini EPT London Super High Roller, PokerStars – $10,600

Amazing stuff.

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Like A Boss Award

The Like A Boss Award goes to someone from the BBZ community who pulled off a particularly impressive feat across the month.

October’s winner?


Consistency is key to studying and winning at poker, but sometimes a good break is just what the doctor ordered.

That certainly seems to be the case for Jurgen, who had a couple of months away from the tables only to return and bink two tournaments on his first day back!

Nice work!

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Best Mic Drop Award

The Best Mic Drop Award goes to BBZ community member who dropped the sexiest result into the BBZ Brags Discord channel.

October’s winner?

For the second month in a row, we have two winners:

“Arno” and “ejhorton”.

Both of them recorded incredible scores in tournaments with enormous fields, scores that will surely only propel them on to bigger things.

For Arno, a 48-year-old recreational player from Tallinn, Estonia, it was a deep run in the $5 buy-in Mini Global Millions on GGPoker where he found his success. Arno finished second out of a downright ridiculous 86,299-entry field to turn his $5 into $23,517.

“When you’re in a big field tournament, you need luck as well,” he told us. “I’m sure that many players, better players than me, dropped out in the early stages. I didn’t make any illusions about winning, I just enjoyed the game and did my best.”

Arno was playing $1-$3 games before he found BBZ Poker six months ago. Now he plays buy-ins up to $10.

“BBZ Poker really helps give you the right mindset on how to study, and how much there is to study,” he said. “The teachers are so professional and how they teach is so inspiring. Sometimes I feel sad that I have other things to do in my life, I’d rather study poker!”

Read our full interview with Arno here.

Then there’s Evan “ejhorton” Horton, who posted an incredible score of his own.

Horton, a 26-year-old Engineering Consultant from Mission, BC, Canada, finished fourth out of 3,717 entries in the $150 buy-in GGMasters for $24,636. The best part? He was in for just $20, having qualified via a satellite.

“When you get a big stack deep in a tournament like this, the thrill you feel is extraordinary,” he told us. “This is the dream, having a huge score from a relatively tiny buy-in.”

Horton was a struggling player at the micros, then he found BBZ Poker and purchased the Apestyles Bundle, followed by the Lex Bundle and Bungakat Bundle.

“Fast forward to now and these past few months I’ve been on the biggest heater of my life so far,” he said.

Read our full interview with Horton here.

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