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BBZ student binks $17K score: “This is going to be my year!”

BBZ student binks $17K score: “This is going to be my year!”

If you’ve ever considered joining BBZ Poker and attending our Daily Seminars, you’re going to want to read this.

Breno “boraodota” Ferreira Silva is a 24-year-old from Minas Gerais, Brazil who graduated in Mining Engineering before focusing on playing poker full time. He bounced around Brazil before settling back in his home town of Divinópolis to live in a grind house with fellow poker players, all of whom play for the MRJ Poker Team.

These days he attends the BBZ Daily Seminars every day and recently enjoyed the biggest scores of his life, taking down the daily $250 Main Event on GGPoker for $17,337.

Here, Ferreira Silva tells us how got into poker, why he signed up with BBZ, and how his BBZ coaching has helped him along the way.

BBZ Blog: Hi Breno, congratulations on the sick score. Were there any moments in the tournament when your BBZ coaching kicked in?

Breno “boraodota” Ferreira Silva: Thanks! Well, imagine you made the final table you’ve dreamed about with a middling stack. If the action comes to you in the blinds and you look down at pocket jacks or pocket queens, but the chip leader has 3-bet an opener trying to pressure him, here is my advice: FOLD! This was a spot I faced on the final table. ICM is concerned with blockers, and jacks and queens are not generally relevant blockers. I’ve learned that ICM loves ace-five suited but hates jacks and queens.

Breno “boraodota” Ferreira Silva

How did you first discover poker?

Like most people, I played some home games with friends in High School around 2012. After a winning session, I felt super great and I thought I could buy the whole world. That’s what a 16-year-old with no bills to pay thinks when he gets an unexpected $30 in his wallet!

I continued playing poker now and then, but not frequently. When I finished High School and went to university around 2014, I saw some close friends making real money then dropping out of college and playing low/mid stakes online poker full time. That aroused my curiosity.

I started to incorporate some studies related to Poker in my routine. Despite not having as much free material as we have nowadays, I tried to have access to all free material provided on the internet. I ended up winning the first two 18-player Sit&Gos I’d ever played.

I kept working and after a while, my bankroll grew. When I graduated university I was invited to join to MRJ Poker Team and migrated from Sit&Gos and cash games to tournaments. Today I’m the team’s head coach.

How did you get involved with the BBZ community?

I’d seen Jordan play on some streams in the past and I remember how his theoretical approach to explaining hands while playing caught my attention. When I found out that at BBZ they had materials with specific topics on ICM, which I was looking for, and that apestyles participated in the seminars, I had to at least try it out. After I tried it, I found out that not only were Jordan and Ape monsters, but Jargo and Jon were too.

Nowadays, I attend the Daily Seminars every day and I have access to the Pre-Flop ICM masterclass course.


ICM Pre-Flop Masterclass

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  • Access To MonkerSolver & PioSolver Charts

How has the BBZ team helped you improve?

BBZ has helped me to improve in several sectors. I can now deeply analyze each hypothetical scenario of a hand and I think I have a theoretical interpretation of how solvers approach spots in an optimal way. In short, BBZ has helped me with all the issues that I think are important in Poker.

To anyone reading who is considering studying with BBZ, I recommend you get started as soon as possible!

Now you’ve had this great score, what’s next for you?

I’m definitely going to keep studying and review every session I play. The year is just beginning and I’m sure this is going to be my year! LFG!

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