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Bungakat on his biggest poker week ever

Bungakat on his biggest poker week ever

“Two major titles in the two biggest online series running, it’s pretty amazing,” says BBZ head coach Jargo “bungakat” Alaväli, who recently enjoyed his best week of poker ever.

Bungakat, alongside Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond, is the brains behind BBZ’s ICM Pre-Flop Masterclass, and he proved why when he first took down a $530 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) event on PokerStars for $131,477–his first SCOOP title.

Amazingly, he won the SCOOP on the exact same day that BBZ Poker released the Bungakat Final Table Bundle. Talk about great timing.

He immediately followed that up two days later with another six-figure win in another huge online series, the GG Poker Spring Festival. In that, bungakat won the $1,050 Thursday Thriller for $115,004 (including bounties).

Even more impressive, he won both events live on Twitch.

“I’ve never had such a big audience before and I’ve never won two major titles in a week before,” he says. “Hopefully I can make it happen again!”

“It felt so good,” he continues. “That last hour on the GG series final table was unbelievable. I ran so good and won every big pot I played. I also reach 2,000 viewers on my Twitch channel which was amazing. Thanks to everyone who tuned in, it was a fun one!”

Some play solely for the money, others play for titles and trophies. For bungakat–like the answer to so many of the hands he solves–it’s a mix. “I would say it’s about all of it, but what matters the most for me is that I get to do what I love doing and be great at it.”


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Getting a few big wins under your belt in quick succession is certainly good for a player’s confidence, but bungakat doesn’t think he plays any different when he’s winning.

“I actually think it’s the other way around,” he says. “If you lose, you go deep in the lab and you learn what went wrong and try to fix your mistakes to do better next time. It’s the same with winning, it’s just harder to point out your mistakes if you win as it seems everything is working and going well.”

It’s definitely tempting to take it easy when you’re on an upswing, but if you read our ‘5 things that will kill your poker career’ article, you’ll know that BBZ lists inconsistency as one of his top poker career killers. “You can’t just go partying every time you have an upswing,” BBZ says. “You’ll blow it.”

Instead, you have to keep on studying and keep working hard. That’s not difficult for bungakat, who loves nothing more than going deep with solvers followed by going deep in big tournaments.

“If you’re on an upswing, my advice would be to just enjoy what you’re doing,” he says. “Then keep on doing it.”

Make sure you tune in to bungakat on Twitch for more high stakes action. If you want to play final tables as well as he does, check out his bundle below.

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