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How To Use The Trainer

How To Use The Trainer

Hey there and welcome to our Preflop Trainer guide! Whether you’re just starting out and eager to level up your preflop game or you’re a seasoned player aiming to fine-tune your skills, our Preflop Trainer is your go-to tool for mastering this crucial aspect of poker.

This guide’s all about showing you the ropes of our Preflop Trainer, helping you boost your poker game your way. We’ll walk you through everything from getting around the interface to making sense of the feedback you get.

Here’s what we’re gonna cover:

  • Getting Started
  • Customizing Your Practice
  • Learning and Getting Better
  • Forming a Habit

Let’s dive in and get you crushing those preflop plays!

Getting Started

When you hop into the Trainer, just hit the button that says “Start Training,” and you’re all set! Situations pop up randomly from a bunch of solutions ready to roll in the Trainer. Easy peasy!

If you’re not quite sure about your weaknesses, this randomized session is a great opportunity to gather some hand history and kickstart customizing your learning process!


Free Trainer!

  • Try the Trainer for free
  • Study on the move via mobile
  • Short stack ChipEV solutions
  • Unlimited access

Customizing your learning

Customizing your learning experience and boosting its effectiveness is super easy with our Preflop Trainer. Let us walk you through all these different options so you can make the most of your learning journey!

Filtering Actions and Positions

When you’re using filters , you can hone in on the exact scenarios you want to practice. You’ve got three different filters at your disposal, and you can use them separately or all together.

You’ve got the option to filter by Action, your Position (Hero), and your opponent’s position (Villain).

Let’s say you wanna rock it on the BTN when everyone’s folded. Just choose ‘Preflop Action: RFI’ and ‘Hero Position: BTN’, and you’re golden!

Solution selector

The solution selector is designed to filter out specific solutions. If you want to focus on a particular site, limit, table size, stack depth, distributions, etc., this is the place to do it.

You can use the solution selector to filter actions and positions at the same time.

Solution selector filters vary across different formats, such as Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) Trainer, Cash Game Trainer, ICM Trainer, etc.


Game Speed

Game Speed lets you decide whether you want to watch the action unfold or skip right to the next hand.

If you’re practicing without any specific rules on what situations to tackle, sometimes it’s helpful to watch the action unfold to get a better feel for the situation.

But if you’re focusing on specific scenarios, you might not need to watch every hand play out. That way, you can speed up your learning process and save time.

Auto New Hand

Auto New Hand allows you to advance without the need to click Next Hand manually.

This is another way to speed up your learning process. If you prefer to practice and review your hands immediately during your session, then turning off this feature is a good idea.


If you prefer using a keyboard for your session, no worries, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a handy guide to navigate through your sessions using hotkeys:

  • S for Start Training: Just hit ‘S’ to get started. It’s the quickest way to jump right into the action.
  • N for Next Hand: Press ‘N’ to smoothly move on to the next hand in your training sequence.
  • Answer Selection by Number: When it’s decision time, use the numbered keys (1, 2, 3, 4) to pick your answer.

Learning and Getting Better

When you’ve practiced and gathered some useful info about your game, it’s time to put it to good use and learn from it!

Statistics & Replay Mistakes

Stats show how many hands you’ve played and your accuracy percentage.
Below that, you can see how your decisions are categorized.

Best, Correct, and Close decisions are spot-on, while Errors are, well, mistakes.

If you’re keen to improve those slip-ups, just click on the Replay Mistakes button. It gathers all your errors and gives you another shot at them.

Hand History

Hand History gathers together all of your played hands by displaying information such as date, product(format), type(action), hero’s position, stack depth, the hand you played, and your decision.

This information gives you the opportunity to zoom in on where you are doing well and where you’re not. If you prefer to practice without interruption, then you have the option to open your hands and dive deeper into your analysis after your training session just by clicking the ‘Go Study’ button.


Just like Hand History, you can access your Mistakes History.

You might notice a plus sign next to an error. This tells you how many times you’ve fixed your mistake before it’s removed from your Replay Mistake list.

Our approach involves correcting your mistakes three times in a row over different periods to ensure you’ve mastered the hand.

Access to Hero Range in Trainer

This feature gives you the opportunity to check your entire range without leaving the Trainer.

Just click on the Range Icon next to Hero’s position, and it’ll open up for you.

You can use it before or after you make your decision. However, we recommend using it after the decision to ensure you get accurate feedback on your Statistics and Mistakes.

Go Study

Go Study allows you to open the exact situation in the Range Viewer without needing to find it manually.

Whether you’re in the middle of your practice session or reviewing your mistakes, simply clicking on Go Study opens up the entire solution for you in the Range Viewer, so you can dive deeper.

The Range Viewer is a tool where you can unfold the entire solution step by step and access all strategies.


Forming a Habit

The Trainer features a streak-building function because forming a habit is one of the best ways to improve your skills over time.

The star in the top left corner indicates whether you’ve completed your Daily Streak or not.

If it’s grey , you haven’t. When it turns green, you’ve nailed your daily task. The number next to the star shows how many days of streak you’ve achieved.

Clicking on the star gives you more info about your Daily Streak progress.

To complete your Daily Streak, you just need to practice 10 hands, which only takes about a minute. Of course, you can always keep going and practice more.

The calendar gives you a snapshot of how you’ve done over the last 7 days.

To maintain your streak, you can’t miss more than 1 consecutive day of practice. But if you do miss a day, no worries; we’ve got your streak covered with a shield. Plus, we’ll send you reminders via email to help you stay on track.

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