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Update: Solutions and Improvements

Update: Solutions and Improvements

We’re thrilled to announce another round of updates designed to accelerate your poker journey! Whether you’re diving into multi-table tournaments (MTTs) or conquering cash game tables, we’ve got some new enhancements lined up just for you once again.

To start, we’ve bolstered our arsenal with fresh MTT and cash game solutions, providing you with even more strategic firepower. You’ll find new solutions available in both the Range Viewer and Trainer.
Additionally, we’ve made improvements to the Trainer experience, ensuring smoother and more effective training sessions.

ChipEV Solutions

28 new 8max ChipEV solutions have been added, expanding our collection to 95 solutions, including both 8max and Heads-Up formats.

We’ve been busy to enhance our MTT simulations collection, providing you with an even deeper understanding of how strategies change when stacks aren’t uniform. Now we’ve got a bunch of solutions covering unequal stack sizes, ranging from 20bb to 40bb average stacks. This means you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your skills and make better decisions while playing multi-table tournaments.

New solutions with Unequal Stack Distributions:

  • 8 New Different 8max Solutions with average stack size 40bb
  • 10 New Different 8max Solutions with average stack size 25bb
  • 10 New Different 8max Solutions with average stack size 20bb

Excited to see how these stacks are distributed in our new solutions? Take a quick peek below:


Cash Game Solutions

We’ve just added 10 new 6-max Cash Game solutions, bringing the total to 93, covering both 6-max and Heads-Up formats.

We’ve remained committed to our goal of covering various Raise First In Sizings, ranging from 2x to 3x. In this update, our focus was on solutions with 2x Raise First In sizings, catering to players on both PokerStars and GGPoker platforms.
This means you now have even more options to fine-tune your learning experience based on your needs and the tendencies of your played limits. Enjoy exploring and leveling up your game!

New Solutions

  • PokerStars NL200, NL400, NL500 (RFI 2x)
  • PokerStars NL400 (RFI 2.2x)
  • GGPoker NL5, NL10, NL25, NL50, NL100, NL200 (RFI 2x)
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Cash Preflop Charts & Trainer

  • 62 Different 6-Max 100BB Solutions
  • 31 Different Heads-Up Solutions
  • Chart View
  • Range View
  • Trainer
  • Cancel at any time

Updates to Improve your Trainer Experience

Access to Hero Range in Trainer

Say goodbye to unnecessary toggling! Now, you’ll have access to your Hero range right there in the Trainer mode, no need to bounce over to the Range Viewer. Just by clicking on Range Viewer Icon next to Hero’s position, you have quick access to your Range. Plus, stay tuned because we’ve got plans to add Villain’s Ranges in the future. Yep, we’re all about making your training sessions smoother and more effective.



Hand History & Mistakes

Understanding where things went wrong in a hand is crucial for leveling up your game. We’re all about making sure that process goes as smoothly as cracking open a cold one after a long day.
Now, when you review your Hand History or Mistakes lists, you’ll find stack sizes included, giving you a more comprehensive overview before you hit that “Go Study” button to dive deeper.

Replay Mistakes Mode

We’ve fine-tuned the exiting process of Replay Mistake Mode and spruced up the user interface, particularly for those of you who enjoy playing on your mobile devices.

Go Study in Trainer

“Go Study” button is designed to streamline your learning process in the Range Viewer, allowing you to dive deeper into your analysis. We’ve made it even better for you when you hit that “Go Study” button in Trainer mode. Now, if the entire action tree doesn’t fit on your screen, no worries! It’ll automatically scroll to show you the last action.

All the best!

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Complete Charts & Trainer Package

  • Access to All Preflop Charts and Trainer Solutions
  • Chart View
  • Range View
  • Trainer
  • Cancel at any time!

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