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Update: ChipEV & Cash Game Solutions

Update: ChipEV & Cash Game Solutions

We are delighted to announce another update aimed at serving you better and enhancing your experience. This time, we’ve expanded the range of ChipEV and Cash Game solutions available for learning in Range Viewer and practicing in Trainer.

ChipEV Solutions

13 new 8max ChipEV solutions have been added, expanding our collection to 67 solutions, including both 8max and Heads-Up formats.

New solutions with Equal Stacks:

  • 8max 60bb
  • 8max 100bb

New solutions with an average stack of 30bb:

  • Stacks Distributions: BB60-SB45-BTN35-CO30-HJ25-LJ20-MP15-UTG10
  • Stacks Distributions: BB45-SB35-BTN30-CO25-HJ20-LJ15-MP10-UTG60
  • Stacks Distributions: BB45-SB10-BTN30-CO60-HJ15-LJ20-MP25-UTG35
  • Stacks Distributions: BB35-SB30-BTN25-CO20-HJ15-LJ10-MP60-UTG45
  • Stacks Distributions: BB30-SB25-BTN20-CO15-HJ10-LJ60-MP45-UTG35
  • Stacks Distributions: BB30-SB15-BTN30-CO10-HJ60-LJ45-MP20-UTG25
  • Stacks Distributions: BB25-SB20-BTN15-CO10-HJ60-LJ45-MP35-UTG30
  • Stacks Distributions: BB20-SB15-BTN10-CO60-HJ45-LJ35-MP30-UTG25
  • Stacks Distributions: BB15-SB10-BTN60-CO45-HJ35-LJ30-MP25-UTG20
  • Stacks Distributions: BB10-SB60-BTN45-CO35-HJ30-LJ25-MP20-UTG15
  • Stacks Distributions: BB10-SB15-BTN20-CO25-HJ30-LJ35-MP45-UTG60

Brief overview:

In the past, old-fashioned-style charts exclusively featured solutions with equal stack sizes of 60bb and 100bb, focusing on fundamental strategies such as Raise First In, responding to Raise First In, and handling 3-Bets. Now, solutions featuring 8 players at the table with 60bb and 100bb stacks are available in Range Viewer & Trainer.

A 30bb average stack is frequently encountered during tournaments, and solutions involving unequal stack sizes help you understand how strategy shifts in real-game scenarios where stack sizes are not uniform.



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Cash Game Solutions

10 new Cash Game solutions have been added, bringing the total to 83, covering both 6max and Heads-Up formats. All additional solutions have 6 players, with 100bb stacks, and a 2.2x Raise First In sizing.

New Solutions:

  • PokerStars NL100
  • PokerStars NL200
  • PokerStars NL500
  • GGPoker NL5
  • GGPoker NL10
  • GGPoker NL100
  • GGPoker NL200
  • GGPoker NL500
  • GGPoker NL1000
  • GGPoker NL2000

Brief overview:

We now cover 6-max solutions from PokerStars NL2 to NL1000 and GGPoker NL2 to NL2000, providing strategy insights for players at any stake level. The majority of them feature various Raise First In sizings.
Furthermore, we are also providing coverage of Cash Game Heads-Up from PokerStars NL2 to NL200.

All the best!

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