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PASCOOP champ Alex ‘Schwibbs1’ Schwint: “I owe all of my success to BBZ”

PASCOOP champ Alex ‘Schwibbs1’ Schwint: “I owe all of my success to BBZ”

Alex “Schwibbs1” Schwint is a 25-year-old originally from New Jersey who now lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he’s not working his full-time day job as a Certified Public Accountant, Schwint is grinding on PokerStars.

And you could say it’s going rather well.

Schwint recently took down a PASCOOP $500 8-Max High Roller title worth $13,869 for the biggest score of his life so far.

We caught up with Schwint to find out more about his poker journey so far, how he found BBZ, and how a one-on-one with Jordan completely transformed his game.

BBZ Blog: Hi Alex, congratulations on your PASCOOP title! How are the games on PokerStars treating you?

Alex ‘Schwibbs1’ Schwint

Alex “Schwibbs1” Schwint: Thanks! The games are going great now. We also have an excellent community that is active on Discord which makes the experience way more enjoyable.

You’ve been a part of the BBZ community for a while. What led you to BBZ?

I first heard of BBZ through Fintan “easywithaces” Hand, and now I use just about everything on the BBZ site. I use the ChipEV and ICM Charts, both BBZ and Apestyles Bundles, and the ICM Masterclass the most.

How has BBZ helped you improve?

The Intro and Implementing Quantitative Strategies were a great primer in helping me think about the game in a new way. Then a one-on-one with Jordan for an hour was the best investment I have ever made in poker. He gave me a custom-made tailored approach to fix immediate leaks and a road map for at least six months of studying. In preparation for PASCOOP I nailed down preflop ranges from the charts to the best of my ability and studied 25bb deep post-flop sims.

Was there a particular spot you remember in the tournament where your BBZ coaching kicked in?

The strategy in the Big Blind vs the Small Blind limp first in. There were numerous occasions where I won pots with trash hands that the old me would have checked in the big blind and folded to a flop c-bet. This chip accumulation helped a ton on the way to the final table.

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How did you first discover poker?

I first discovered poker when I was 12 because one of my friends was obsessed with watching on TV. We did not play with real money so that obsession did not last long. I was reintroduced to the game in college about five years ago.

I first started out playing $1/$2 at the local casino in Philly when I was 21. That went horrendously since I was terrible at the game and was a broke college student.

My online journey started on PokerStarsNJ in 2017 where I played small stakes tournaments ($10 and $20 buy-ins). I will never forget my first score of $500 for 3rd place in the $10 Sunday Storm back in 2018. That amount of money at the time meant so much to me. I started taking poker seriously after that score, during my Graduate Accounting program at Temple University in 2019.

Here’s a look at Schwint’s biggest scores on PokerStarsNJ:

  • $2.5k 1st place Turbo Series PSKO 02/22/2019
  • $3.6k 1st place Turbo Series 03/01/2019
  • $5k 1st place NJSCOOP 05/07/2019

Then regulated online poker launched via PokerStarsPA in Pennsylvania in November of 2019. I had a decent start but got absolutely crushed for eight months during quarantine in 2020. Along with running poor, my game selection, bankroll management, and playing environment were not optimal.

I realized I needed to put in a lot of work off the tables if I wanted to continue my poker journey. There were many times where I was one foot out the door on poker, telling my girlfriend I think I should quit. Then I got in touch with Jordan Drummond for a one-on-one coaching session on November 4th, 2020. The rest is history.

Here’s a look at Schwint’s biggest scores on PokerStarsPA:

  • $11.6k 2nd place        $100 Sunday Special              01/03/2021
  • $3.2k 1st place           $50 Bounty Builder Series      03/04/2021
  • $3.3k 1st place           $100 Nightly Stars                 03/17/2021
  • $2k 3rd place             $100 Nightly Stars                 03/18/2021
  • $2.4k 2nd place          $50 Mini Super Tuesday        03/23/2021
  • $6.1k 1st place           $200 Thursday Thrill              03/25/2021
  • $13.8k 1st place         $500 PASCOOP High Roller    04/21/2021

What would you say to anyone considering studying with BBZ?

It is an absolute no brainer. I’ve used other courses and websites the past four years, and nothing comes close to the BBZ quality of teaching. My understanding of the game paired with recent results in 2021 speaks for itself.

I truly believe if you want to build an edge there is no better place. If I did not have a full-time job, I would 100% commit to the Daily Seminars. It is an unrivalled product from what I have seen on the market.

I owe all of my recent success to the BBZ team.

Now you’ve had this great score, what’s next for you?

Ironically enough once the PASCOOP series is over I am going to take a bit of a step back from playing the higher stakes. I will resume my normal stakes of $10-$100, but with an extreme focus on hitting the BBZ lab.

Even though the results in 2021 have been insane, I am trying to stay humble and hungry. There is still a TON of work I can put in on my game. Outside of poker, I am focused on trying to buy a house soon with my girlfriend as well as assuming a new role in my full-time profession. The plan is to use any extra energy to prepare for PACOOP in the fall.

Join the BBZ Discord today. You won’t find a more supportive community anywhere else.

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