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What is Bluff in Poker Terms?

In poker, a “bluff” is a strategy where a player bets or raises with a weak or marginal hand with the intention of deceiving their opponents into believing they have a stronger hand than they actually do.

The goal of a bluff is to induce opponents with better hands to fold, allowing the bluffer to win the pot without having to show their cards.

Bluffing is important in poker for several reasons:

  • Profitability: Bluffing allows players to win pots without having the best hand, increasing their overall profitability.
  • Balancing Strategies: Bluffing is essential for balancing a player’s overall strategy. Without bluffing, opponents can easily exploit a player who only bets when they have a strong hand.
  • Maximize Value: Bluffing complements strong hands by maximizing their value. When opponents believe a player is capable of bluffing, they may be more inclined to call or raise with weaker hands, allowing the player to extract more value from their strong holdings.

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