BBZ & bigstealer Cash Game Deep Dive

BBZ & bigstealer Cash Game Deep Dive

New BBZPoker cash game coach Bertie “bigstealer” Bayley reverses roles with head coach Jordan “bigbluffzinc” to review his cash game database & break down some hands he played at 200NL (1hr10mins).


Join BBZPoker head coach Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond & new cash game coach Bertie “bigstealer” Bayley while they break down Jordan’s cash game frequencies & review crucial hands from a session of $200NL.

Explore these topics in this 1hr10min video:

  • Big blind target win-rates
  • Filters to apply to your database to examine spots properly
  • Range analysis in multiple spots including squeeze & multi-way pots
  • Bet sizing break downs
  • And much more…

Whether you’re trying to make the jump to higher stakes or just looking to generally increase your knowledge of cash games, this video should provide you insights you will find valuable.

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