Implementing Quantitative Strategies: Defending Flops


Whether you are new to studying poker or a seasoned pro this video will give you the tools to understanding the basic tactics supporting math based defending strategies on the flop. (44 mins)

Available in English, Portuguese & Spanish


Hey guys, Jordan “bigbluffzinc” here. I wanted to tell you that the long awaited sequel to our most popular video of all-time “Intro to Quantitative Strategies” has launched! While the first video introduced you to quantitative strategies, this new video called “Implementing Quantitative Strategies: Defending Flops” will teach you how to do just that; implement.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’re uncomfortable playing post flop and are thinking “I wish I had just shoved pre to avoid this”, then this is the video for you. Implementing Quantitative Strategies will teach you how to:

  • Learn where you’re over-folding flops
  • How to identify when you’re being exploited on the flop
  • How to exploit your opponent on the flop
  • Learn how to identify where your opponent is overfolding on the flop
  • Learn how to deal with all of those issues in a strategic way

Listen, at the end of the day we’ve created this massively valuable video for $14 and I can say without a doubt that the information provided to you will provide your poker game with far more value. We sold over 1500 copies of the first video installment, and since then we’ve improved on the content. This is a no brainer, do yourself and your poker game a favor and pick up “Implementing Quantitative Strategies: Defending Flops” today!

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