Mental Game Bundle

Mental Game Bundle

The Mental Game Bundle is the course you need to build the psychological foundation of your poker game. Created by BBZPoker’s very own Performance Coach, François Hamel, this bundle is a comprehensive resource equipping you with the tools and strategies required to perform at your best on and off the poker table. Over 14 hours of content that will force you to rethink your approach to the game and help you develop the discipline and consistency to take action. This bundle will help you create your own performance philosophy, re-frame how your emotions influence your performance, and build a new mind-set to understand the science and psychology behind Mental Performance.


  • 14+ hours of content!
  • Define what makes you a “poker player”
  • Understand and manage physiological responses to stress
  • Custom Mental Performance Workbook
  • Create your very own Performance Philosophy
  • Identify your own Mental Game leaks
  • Sit-down conversations with BBZ, Lex, and Bungakat

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