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BBZ explains why Simple Poker Systems is his most impactful bundle yet

BBZ explains why Simple Poker Systems is his most impactful bundle yet

“I’ve been asked for something like this a lot over the past four years, ever since I started streaming,” says BBZ Poker founder Jordan Drummond. “But I never felt like I could deliver it.”

But what were Drummond’s viewers – poker players desperate to make noticeable improvements to their games – asking for?

They wanted a coaching product that made simple-yet-solver-approved poker strategies easily digestible.

Strategies that – while GTO – didn’t stick to a rigid ‘poker robot vs poker robot’ pursuit of perfection, like we often see at the highest stakes, but worked against actual human beings at their buy-in levels.

Drummond always knew these strategies, but the reason he felt he couldn’t deliver them three years ago was that he was only coaching players who he staked; winning players who were already elite.

“My staking business was always more sporadic coaching, generally focused on coaching the biggest winners and temporarily coaching players who were stuck or in big downswings until they recovered,” he says.

But that’s all changed now.

For the past three years, BBZ Poker has become one of the most respected coaching sites in the game, with Drummond and his coaches improving the games of thousands of players – from complete beginners to experienced crushers – through its Daily Seminars, Bundles and Chart/Trainer products.

BBZ’s staking business has changed too. “The Coaching for Profit (CFP) program has included players who are breakeven to significant winners and it’s been a committed relationship every single week for one to three years. That has improved my ability to deliver a product like this.”

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“The new bundle is a different piece of content to what exists elsewhere,” says Drummond. “The feedback I’ve received so far has reinforced that view.”

So, what exactly is included in the Simple Poker Systems Bundle?

“It’s strategies you can use and implement easily as a player that agree with the strategies a solver would deploy, broadly speaking,” says Drummond.

“I developed these strategies after spending more time than probably anyone else using solvers and then trying to get player behavior to approximate those solver strategies, but not match them identically.”

No one could argue that Drummond – the coach that some of poker’s biggest winners turn to – has put in an unfathomable amount of hours running and absorbing solver simulations. But he’s also spent countless hours, days, weeks, and months figuring out how to put the emphasis on human strategy and implementation.

“That’s why I thought I could do a good job now of communicating that in a bundle,” he says.


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The bundle begins with preflop lessons before launching into Drummond’s 11 Systems:

System 1

UTG vs BB Call – C-betting Flops

System 2

BTN vs BB – C-betting Flops
BTN vs BB – Checking Flops

System 3

BB vs SB Limp Stab

System 4

Intro to River Bluffing +BB Hands
River Bluffing BB vs EP
River Bluffing BB vs SB

System 5

Barreling Medium Strength Hands in Error

System 6

Check Raising Top Pair

System 7

C-bet Folding Flops

System 8

Bet Sizing In Position

System 9

Defending Flops (Calls and Raises)

System 10

River Value Betting River Value Betting – Part 2

System 11

Hero Calling Hero Calling – Part 2

“I use GTO to illustrate as evidence that the strategies are effective,” says Drummond. “But the teaching and emphasis is on the actual simple strategy itself.

“I’m proud of this bundle and excited to see what everyone thinks!”

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