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The Cutoff: BBZ takes on easywithaces (plus, grab a free BBZ coaching video)

The Cutoff: BBZ takes on easywithaces (plus, grab a free BBZ coaching video)

In The Cutoff, we bring you up to speed on the latest antics from the BBZ community.


We don’t see BBZ founder Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond battling on the Twitch streets much these days.

He only comes out for the really juicy games.

Y’know, like a heads-up battle against BBZ student and Twitch poker superstar Fintan “easywithaces” Hand. That kind of juicy.

It was the student versus the master in a best-of-five heads-up duel format which took place on Hand’s stream on Friday, May 28. The rules were simple: whoever won three of the five games would then receive $1,000 from the other player, which they’d then have to use as a buy-in into a $1,000 heads-up hyper turbo sit & go.

So who came out on top? And did they then go on to spin the $1K prize into $2K?

You can watch the entire match (from Hand’s POV, so BBZ is muted) below.


BBZ & Fintan: Database Analysis


BBZ walks Fintan through his PT4 database and identifies mistakes with a focus on defending the big blind.


In case you missed it, BBZ dropped this little midweek treat on Wednesday:

Enjoy the free content! You can watch the full video below.

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BBZ Bundle


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So. Many. Scores.

We only put The Cutoff out fortnightly and the sheer volume of big results the BBZ community posts in the BBZ Brags section of our Discord in that time is mind-blowing*.

*But not at all surprising. You guys kick butt and work hard studying with BBZ’s training products.

We simply must give major props to a regular on this blog, Carlos “CPal90” Pal. A long-time BBZ student, Pal continues to crush big tournaments and puts up results that would make a pro blush (yep, the last time we checked he still works his day job, too).

You can check out our interview with Pal here.

Another constant in the BBZ Brags Discord is Sean415 who has been beasting lately. A big congratulations to him on all his hard work and success.

Here are just a few of the other highlights from BBZ Brags recently:

We love celebrating your wins. Join the BBZ Discord today and become a member of our community. You won’t find a more supportive group of like-minded players anywhere else.

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BBZ & Lex Veldhuis: Database Study Session


Do you struggle to identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to playing poker? You aren’t alone. Head coach BBZ teams up with Twitch Poker legend Lex Veldhuis to bring you an exclusive look into Lex’s database, position by position, searching for areas to improve and leaks to plug. (50mins)

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