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The ultimate grind station: Check out the BBZ community’s online poker set-ups

The ultimate grind station: Check out the BBZ community’s online poker set-ups

It all started with an Instagram post.


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Then the posts kept coming. And coming. And coming.

Now you can check out the BBZ community grind station exhibit below, with judging comments from our set-up aficionado, Grant Clark.

Perhaps you’ll get some inspiration for your own set-ups!


Grant Clark: “Big fan of the short 180-degree chair spin to the coffee machine.”

BBZ: “I like it!”


GC: “Now that is a clean set-up. Bookshelf subtly creeping in, the vertical screens…”


GC: “Now that’s the level. There’s a man who values comfort and practicality. That’s a blue yeti microphone if I’m not mistaken so you can tell no corners have been cut.”


GC: “This entry obviously plays on the heartstrings: the dogs playing poker being nostalgia 101. It’s a ploy, but it’s worked. Bonus points for using GTO Wizard (which if you attended our Bootcamp you’ll know is the nuts).”


GC: “Steve Jobs branding and a room with a view. Top marks.”


“Harvey dent office, sim side and a playing side.”

GC: “This was surely taken aboard SpaceX’s very own Falcon 9.”

Frank Hamel: “What is this madness?”

MackB2: “Who is this guy? Dwight Schrute working on Mega Desk?”


GC: “Productivity & posture prioritized for perfect poker. Something to be said for the standing desks. This ranks high.”


GC: “Atmospheric, and not a cable in sight. As a fellow Bluetooth mouse owner, I’m in a position to endorse this for the smoothest 10 tabling experience. Well played boss.”


GC: “Is tilting possible with that kind of wallpaper to help ease the strain of a session gone south? Another fellow streamer it seems. Plug away champ. A standing desk would help take this all the way to a 10.”


GC: “So this is where the magic happens eh? Surround sound for that immersive PKO sound effect experience.”


GC: “SpennnY showing why less is more with this 2022 Harry Potter reboot. Nothing over-complicated but gets the job done and easy upkeep makes this a solid entry. ABC Poker.”

Frank Hamel: “There’s something about it that I enjoy!”


GC: “Very nice BBZ Poker themes running through this set-up. An Ikea Desk – affordable AND dependable. Just like our training content. This academy member just graduated.”


Do you have a poker grind station you’re proud of and would like to share?

Head over to the BBZPoker Discord and post a photo in the BBZ Brags channel!

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