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The best poker podcasts

The best poker podcasts

Poker podcasts not only entertain us with in-depth interviews with players we admire, but they can also enlighten us on the latest news in the game.

And now that the poker world is fully back in business following the pandemic, it feels like there’s no shortage of topics–for better or for worse–that need to be discussed in detail.

Here’s a list of some of the best poker podcasts you should check out today.

Only Friends

Discussing everything from massive wins to heads-up challenges and a seemingly never-ending stream of controversies, no poker podcast is doing a better job of getting everyone in on the conversation right now than the Only Friends podcast, hosted by Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Mellissa Schubert, Landon Tice, and more.

From breaking down the evolution of poker strategy to breaking down the recent Hustler Casino cheating allegations, Only Friends is an almost daily podcast that covers the latest news from the poker world. Others have tried similar formats (Doug Polk and Joey Ingram briefly had a good First Take-style show) but Only Friends is really hitting the nail on the head, and long may it continue.

The podcast is available to watch on YouTube.

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Lex Bundle

Lex sits down with the BBZ Coaches


The Chip Race

David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney have been putting in the work on the Chip Race podcast for years now (they’re currently on Season 18), and their efforts in entertainment haven’t gone unnoticed, winning the GPI Global Poker Award for Best Podcast in 2019.

Every episode follows a similar structure: four different guests, a strategy section, a news update, plus there’s often a special episode with extended interviews following each edition (The Lock In). It’s their ability to put guests at ease during interviews that gets the best out of them, and by including a mix of poker’s biggest names, aspiring stars, and general enthusiasts, listeners gain insights across the entire poker spectrum.

Check out The Chip Race on Soundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Spraggy Bundle

A behind-the-scenes look at Spraggy in the lab


Cracked Aces

Perhaps the most widely listened to poker podcast due to its ties to the increasingly popular Barstool Sports, the Cracked Aces podcast provides listeners with a glimpse into the life of its ever-grinding hosts: Nate, Smitty, and Mintzy of Barstool Sports, plus poker pro Jake Toole. It also features guest interviews from some of the biggest names in the game.

You can listen to Cracked Aces wherever you get your podcasts.

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BBZ Bundle

20+ hours of lessons from BBZ


Chasing Poker Greatness

If your goal is to reach the top of the poker world, and you want to learn more about the journeys of those already at the top, there aren’t many resources out there as perfectly designed for you as Brad Wilson’s Chasing Poker Greatness podcast.

With more than 200 episodes, Wilson deep dives into each guests’ history and the research results in illuminating interviews that both inspire and entertain.

Chasing Poker Greatness is available wherever you get your podcasts.

Poker Life Podcast

OK, so Joe Ingram, a.k.a. Chicago Joey, a.k.a. PapiGTO, isn’t putting out episodes of the Poker Life Podcast as frequently as he used to. But still, when he does upload a new episode, it’s almost always essential viewing.

Ingram’s back catalogue of interviews is an extensive library of poker stories told by some of the best poker players of all time. Due to his own poker prowess and popularity among his peers, over the years Ingram has managed to secure guests–from Phil Ivey to Tom Dwan–who simply don’t grant interviews to many people.

It feels like we’ll be referencing his Poker Life Podcast interviews for years to come.

The Poker Life Podcast is available on Joe Ingram’s YouTube channel.

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Luckyfish Multi-Way Bundle

Jon “luckyfish89” Clark teaches you to play multi-way pots


Other great poker podcasts:

Poker in the Ears
Hosted by: James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton

DAT Poker Podcast
Hosted by: Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan, Ross Henry

The Heart of Poker
Hosted by: Kara Scott

Thinking Poker Podcast
Hosted by: Andrew Brokos

The Grid
Hosted by: Jennifer Shahade

The Bernard Lee Poker Show
Hosted by: Bernard Lee

Two Lives
Hosted by: Olivier Busquet

The Brandon Adams Podcast
Hosted by: Brandon Adams

PokerGo Podcast
Hosted by: Remko Rinkema, Donnie Peters, Tim Duckworth

Winning the Game of Life
Hosted by: Dan Cates

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