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The funniest poker follows on Twitter

The funniest poker follows on Twitter

We won’t lie to you.

Poker Twitter can sometimes be a dense, dark, and downright disturbing place.

With its petty squabbles, bad beat stories, and Allen Kessler, perhaps you’re considering leaving poker Twitter behind altogether (just kidding, Allen).

But before you do, let us introduce you to some accounts that are well worth following. Accounts whose tweets break through the ennui and almost always leave a smile on our faces.

Here are some of the funniest poker follows on Twitter.


Combining sketch comedy and poker, Marle Spragg shoots hilarious videos so close to the bone that it’s scary.

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Known for his gut-busting series of ‘tough conversations’, Will Jaffe gets to the heart of the matter and breaks down topics in his candid, dyspeptic style.


Combining his theatre background with his love of poker, Greg Goes All In creates short videos highlighting the hilarious and often absurd elements of poker (his Hellmuth PR agent video is exceptional).

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Not only is Chris Kruk one of the best all-around poker players in the world and a regular in the big cash games at Bobby’s Room, but he’s also a pretty damn funny tweeter too. Follow him for the high-stakes stories, stay for the jibes.


They don’t come much dryer than good old Spraggy. Undoubtedly one of the funniest streamers on Twitch, Spraggy also dishes out laughs on Twitter.

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Best known for his work on YouTube as Doug Polk’s video editor, Thomas Keeling–the creative director at Poker King Media–also goes solo and his Twitter videos are always amusing.


Never afraid to speak his mind, Finty’s Twitter is full of memorable memes, amusing admissions, and digs at Spraggy (which, let’s face it, is worth a follow on its own).

Who do you think has the funniest poker account on Twitter?

Let us know at…where else! Twitter: @BBZPoker.

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