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Why Chris Brewer’s WSOP winner interview struck a chord

Why Chris Brewer’s WSOP winner interview struck a chord

If you’ve not been following the results from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2023, let us bring you up to speed on the biggest prize awarded so far.

It went to American high-stakes poker pro Chris Brewer, who took down the $250,000 buy-in Super High Roller for a colossal $5,293,556 and his first gold bracelet. To do it, he had to defeat a field consisting of many of the very best tournament players in the world.

You’re no doubt already familiar with Brewer. Even prior to that score, the player from Oregon had more than $10 million in live cashes throughout his career, having enjoyed victories on the Triton tour, European Poker Tour (EPT), and Poker Go events.

So why are we dedicating a blog article to this particular victory? Isn’t it just a case of “Super High Roller regular wins Super High Roller?”

Well, kind of.

But it’s what happened once the tournament was over that really grabbed the poker world’s attention.

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You see, many of the crushers who play poker’s highest stakes have trained themselves to maintain an even keel. To maintain their composure regardless of results. To not get too down when things are going bad, and to not get too high when things go well.

It’s an important skill and one that all poker players need to form to varying degrees. The problem with it? Often, those competing at the game’s highest echelon come across as slightly robotic in victory, unwilling – perhaps even unable – to bring their real emotions to the surface.

But in his winner interview, Brewer did exactly that. This victory – five times larger than his previous high score – really meant a lot to him. And he told us why.

If you haven’t been following the WSOP results, chances are you probably don’t keep track of the Super High Roller scene either. That’s understandable, there seems to be a high roller series running somewhere in the world at all times.

But those who do keep an eye on the scene will know that, despite a lot of success along the way, Chris Brewer had had more than his fair share of bad luck in the biggest moments.

Bad beat after bad beat, often on huge money bubbles. He bubbled the Super High Roller Bowl in brutal fashion.

And this happened at the WSOP.

As he said in his interview, “I’ve had some tough ones.”


So it was fantastic not only to see Brewer run good in a huge spot for once (he got lucky to win the final hand), but to let out the emotion he’d stored up as he battled through the perseverance.

Bad runs happen to every poker player, regardless of skill level. It’s the ability to continue performing at a high level when everything seems to go against you that’s most impressive.

Not surprising, then, that there was an outpouring of support for Brewer from the poker community.

We’ve seen similar battles against adversity in the BBZ community, too.

Just recently, we spoke to BBZ student Jonatan Fors, who took down a SCOOP 2023 title. He told us: “For a long time, I felt I just couldn’t win a big tournament for some reason. While I felt ecstatic, I also felt a sort of relief after it finally happened.”

The same feeling was true for BBZ student Evan Horton, who after banking a career-high score told us: “It is extremely validating when you put so much time and effort into something and you have waited and grinded patiently to finally achieve something like this.

“Friends and family see the time it takes and although I love it, I’ve never really had anything significant to show for it. But now I do. Poker can be so painful sometimes, but also so glorious.”

Brewer endured more than his fair share of pain but stuck with it.

Now he has the glory.

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