Bigstealer Cash Bundle

Bigstealer Cash Bundle

The Bigstealer Cash Game Bundle is the perfect tool to help you make a successful transition into NL Holdem cash games. With an extensive and successful background in most NL Holdem formats, and one of the top regulars in today’s Zoom500 games, Bertie “Bigstealer” Bayley is perfectly equipped to help identify common mistakes he sees from new and experienced cash game players alike. The Bigstealer Bundle brings you comprehensive GTO lessons to apply to your game immediately, in-depth conversations with tonkaaaap and bigbluffzinc, as well as an unfiltered live-play session so you can see every move today’s best cash pros are making.


  • Over 10 hours of content!
  • Exclusive sessions with bigbluffzinc & tonkaaaap
  • In-depth post-flop breakdowns
  • 2-Hour $500 Zoom live play session!
  • Identify common leaks made by MTT players!

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