Exploitative Poker Explained

Punish your opponents’ mistakes.


Welcome to Jargo “bungakat” Alaväli’s poker course on exploiting your opponents. In this comprehensive course, Jargo focuses specifically on gaining an edge over your opponents by exploiting their weaknesses and mistakes.

With over 10 hours of content, Jargo breaks down the theory behind exploitative strategies in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. This course provides in-depth analysis on how to develop your own exploitative strategies based on the reads you gather from your opponents at the table.

Jargo takes the time to walk you through real hand histories, showcasing his own approach and demonstrating how he deviates from standard strategies to exploit his opponents’ tendencies effectively.

Whether you’re an accomplished professional or serious recreational, this course will help you learn how to maximize your winnings by countering weak opponents and obvious mistakes with a skill set that helps you win the most chips possible.

Jargo "Bungakat" Alvalaii
10+ Hours

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