CRAIBaby Cash Bundle

CRAIBaby Cash Bundle

The CRAIBaby Bundle has been designed for novices and professionals alike. In this bundle, BBZ Poker Cash Game Head Coach, Wey Xie, will build you a solid understanding of correct poker theory, a crucial component of long term success. In order to accomplish this, Wey has structured the Cash Bundle in a way to guide you through the most important concepts so that you can enjoy  streamlined growth in your cash game poker career. Exclusive coaching sessions with Lex, Apestyles and Tonkaaaa ensure that the knowledge being conveyed is easy to digest and apply.

For the new beginner, or the lover of complexity, this bundle covers it all.


The CRAIBaby Cash Bundle will streamline your progress in the modern world of Cash Games.

Wey Xie has made complex concepts easy to digest and apply, including Theory, Fundamentals, PIO Solver, Preflop, and even live games.

  • 10+ hours of Value Packed insight
  • Wisdom directly from a High Stakes Beast
  • Simplified Concepts
  • Extensive Preflop Lessons
  • HUD Tutorial
  • And more!

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