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The Cutoff: BBZ coaches and community members are crushing SCOOP!

The Cutoff: BBZ coaches and community members are crushing SCOOP!

In The Cutoff, we bring you up to speed on the latest antics from the BBZ community.


The BBZ Poker coaching team has been on fire during SCOOP.

Since we published our interview with Jargo “bungakat” Alaväli about his biggest poker week ever, he had another huge score:

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Meanwhile, Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet has continued doing what he always does: making massive final tables and playing incredibly on the biggest stages.

This week, apestyles finished fifth in the SCOOP $10K for $94,783, fourth in a SCOOP $2K for $29,930, and third in a SCOOP $530 for $62,100. Unbelievable.

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Jon “luckyfish89” Clark has also been doing damage. He finished seventh in a SCOOP $5K for $48,598 and currently sits second of the final nine in the SCOOP $5K PKO.


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BBZ student and Twitch superstar Fintan “easywithaces” Hand is in third, having absolutely bulldozed his way through the mid-to-late stages to secure $25K in bounties alone. Make sure you tune in to his stream on Saturday night to watch him and luckyfish89 battle it out.

Hand’s fellow BBZ student and Twitch superstar Ben “Spraggy” Spragg had a very near miss last night, finishing second in the SCOOP $1K PKO for $42,295. GG!

Congrats to community member “DrKamikaze1” who won their third SCOOP title!

Also a big shout out to BBZ community member Carlos “CPal90” Pal who continues to crush and came close to a title of his own:

Here’s a look at just some of the other big scores our community has enjoyed recently:

We love celebrating your wins.  Join the BBZ Discord today and become a member of our community. You won’t find a more supportive group of like-minded players anywhere else.


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